A Hello for 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photo taken at The Star 16th December 2014 

Why hello! Hello, hello!
Ahhhh, it feels good to finally start a new post on my blog. The familiar layout sings to me, I've been reminiscing on older posts and I'm back to tweaking the html codes. Yet at the same time it feels a little strange - I've been away for so long that I can't even remember how to re-size my pictures nor the correct colour of my font.
My apologies to all of my readers and friends who have been checking my blog only to find that my last post was about 6 months ago. I am so sorry, but that time away was very important to me. It became apparent to me  that I needed to re-focus on myself and my new life. And now as I write this I feel like a new, inspired and happier Natalie.

So firstly, and most importantly, I quit my job at the casino. I was always wanting to leave this place whether or not I had another job lined up. Above is a photo of myself during my last few days (look at that happy face). Below is a message I wrote for my friends and family over Facebook, and I think it sums up how I was feeling back in December:
"I woke up today at 8am in an attempt to get back into normal 9-5, weekend off mode. I have been at The Star for 3 years and have been on nights for about 18 months straight. I am suffering with no sleep but I am grateful to be moving on with my new life chapter.
I want to thank the kind people who became great friends and who have had a positive influence in my life. There are those who have made me laugh, shared coffees with me, carpooled with, trained with, partied with and have made the long 10 hour 8-6 night shifts dealing stupid baccarat all the more bearable.
I find myself for the first time in a long time pre-making my lunch box (mainly spam sandwiches?) and ironing my own clothes and setting an alarm for 6am to prepare myself for peak hour traffic. And I've just realized I'll be sitting in an office for 8 hours without a 15 minute break every hour (gasp!).

Anyways, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am sorry I won't be suffering with you all, working beside you during the holidays... But hey, as a lot of people have told me, I found my golden ticket out of here so I will remain positive and keep moving forward.

Thank you everyone (yes, I even include the haters).Enjoy Night Shift. I will be back on my birthday to play just one squeeze Baccarat game and CHOIII and DIIINNNG the crap out of those cards in front of a fresh lumpy dealer. I need to get that out of my system tongue emoti 
I will miss you guys so keep in touch! You know who you are x
Natalie #19621 BJ BA RO"
 This was a turning point. I decided I didn't want to deal games for the rest of my life and to stress with night shift and constantly be on the fight to get my weekends. It just wasn't healthy nor fun. So I started interviewing for other jobs and eventually landed a dream job. I returned to Buying. I was an Assistant buyer at a fashion company a couple of years back so it only seem natural to go in that direction. I started at Costco Australia Head Office two days after I resigned from The Star. And I am so happy.

Another wonderful thing to happen to me is this guy. Hai. He waltzed into my life about a year and a half ago and changed it forever. He cares for me, loves me like nobody ever has, and always makes me smile. My life feels complete with him by my side and when I'm with him I feel at home.

The new job has improved my daily life. I finish work early and I'm home before its dark. It gives me time to catch up on my TV shows, read my books and play my games. Gym has crept back into my life and the exercise has given me a new energy boost. My sleeping patterns has improved immensely. My manual driving is stress-free because of all my solo-driving-practice. I used to carpool and it used to put pressure on me to perfect my skills.

And, these dogs. These dogs are my family and I love them. I have learnt to be more appreciative of these little fur balls especially since they have been great companions these last six months. All three have distinctive personalities that always cheer me up every time I walk through my house door.

And of course, my little blogging holiday was made better with Betty by my side. She has been there for me through everything. I am especially grateful for her presence during the hard time I had towards the end of my last relationship. Even though I ended things it was still quite heart-breaking to handle, but with no judgement and with a full heart she held my hand and never abandoned me.

So there it is, my six months in a nutshell. When I reflect, it seems my life has become quite routine, consistent and tame. I guess you can call it, and I say with amusement, quite 'corny'. And I love it! As spoken by the sincere Kate Winslet in the movie The Holiday: "I like corny, I'm looking for corny in my life". In hindsight she was making perfect sense. I like corny. And I have found corny in my life!

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