A Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 2)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 2)

As part of a 'define who I am' project I've been trying to keep going since May, I've collected some pretty images that best represents the type of person I am. In the first post of these series (view here), I defined things I love the most in a materialistic way (stars, TV sitcoms, books, CDs).
 In this second instalment I'm defining my personality better, or what makes me, me.
I love to look out plane windows although it freaks me out at the same due to my extreme fear of flying (think hyperventilating and panic attacks). But for some reason staring out a window knowing I am flying over a foreign country and the idea of arriving at a new destination for a new start, soothes me.
I'm a home buddy, whenever I'm having a bad day all I can think about is being in bed reading a book or watching movies. If my mom would allow it I would absolutely build a blanket fort (the type that is a cave) with sheets. I can't so I compensate with big fluffy pillows and plenty of fairy lights hung up on the curtain behind my bed.
I'm also a summer person. I dress for summer, I tan, I take coastal road trips, eat too much ice cream, I love the beach, I rather sweat than freeze, and wear denim shorts over denim jeans. And lastly, I take my friendships seriously - I'm there for my friends, maintaining my loyalty and kindness. I am quietly there in the background waiting to help even when they don't ask for it.


  1. OMG...I identify so much of my personality in you. I absolutely cannot put a book down either, if it's really interesting. I absolutely hate flying (afraid), but do it anyway because I have to get to countries in the fastest way possible. I should try building a fort sometime, it looks cozy..

  2. Interesting post Natalie! Nice! :) Great way to show your personality too :)

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  3. What a great post!

    Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. I love how you put the post together it’s a lovely way to illustrate the person you are :)

    The Hidden Thimble


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