Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop Leather Jacket, Forever 21 t-shirt, Vintage Mens Pants, Belt (from Europe),  Black Scarf (from Markets), Bardot boots, Diva/Markets Jewelry, Necklace (from Markets), Christian Dior Lipstick

Bought these red pants from a Vintage clothes seller on Ebay, love them, they are just so bright! I'm not as tall as I wish I can be (small 162CM) so its hard for me to wear clothing that overwhelm me.. but I find these pants sit and crop nicely where they should on my little legs. 
Today was even EXTRA windy, especially for a Sydney Autumn Day. I wanted to be like Mary Poppins and stand outside with an open umbrella, wishing that the wind will fly me away! Somewhere like sunny Hawaii! :(


  1. like your red trousers, perfect!

    xx claudia

  2. I really like that outfit, beautiful casual and very lovely. Me like :)

  3. love the look!

  4. wow! the outfit is so unique!


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