The Lazy Song (plus Dior Kimono Pink nail polish!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pho Ben (George Street, Parramatta NSW): Crispy Chicken with Rice Noodles Soup

Nailpolishes (from left to right): Christian Dior 'Psychedelic Orange', Christian Dior 'Pink Kimono', O.P.I 'Hot & Spicy', O.P.I 'A Grape Fit', NOX 'Twilight'

What I wore today: Christian Dior's 'Kimono Pink' Nailpolish

I'll tell you the truth, I woke up late and had serious panda eyes. I was so tired I chucked on some mundane clothes and rushed to work with a big coffee in hand...and I didn't want to scare off any readers with my eye bags and tired face.
So...I normally wouldn't blog about food, its not my forte, but I do love this restaurant and I do love their noodle soup. I also like to paint my nails when I'm bored, and for my birthday this year I got a sweet range of nail polish colours. I tried Kimono Pink this week. Looks great against my tanned skin. :)

Of course the best blog to read when it comes to food, is my friend's. Check out Betty's food blog, I'm sure you'll love it!

Also, you can check out Dior's Orange Psychedelic nail polish on my DIY blog: Building Lucy

xx Natalie


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