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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wearing: Rosy Ruby Floral Teacup Dress thanks to Rosy Ruby; Zara Heels; Vintage Floral Headband; Disney Watch; Mac Cosmetics 'Love Forever!' Lipstick

These days I've found myself procrastinating.. but its something I'm not accustomed to. As the years go by I've discovered patterns of mine. I'm the type of girl that puts Love as my first priority. I of course put my friends, family and career a close second, but Love will always play the biggest part in my life.
So if I get a text or call from that special someone, most of the time I drop my bad thoughts or what I'm doing to answer them. I plan dates and day-trips. I think about his jokes, his laugh, his smile. I reach out to hold his hand, I inch closer to smell his shampoo. I dream about the last traces of warmth he left on my skin, and the soft kisses too.

Anyways... this procrastinating path I've taken to life sometimes leads me to forget to blog daily (as I know I should). So my apologies. However, I don't regret a moment of my ways and I use my outfits to express my appreciation for that special someone. This outfit is inspired by those many treasured moments in my life. Thanking Rosy Ruby's romantic dresses for making it an easy choice for me.


  1. really beautiful dress honey!
    love it!

  2. love your flower headband and the dress! Awesome outfit :) Which lens do you take for your pictures? :)

  3. You look simply fabulous dear!:)

  4. Une adorable petite robe...
    Gros bisous

  5. This is a great color on you! It really embraces the youthful vibe!

  6. Your outfits gorgeous! Love your headband too! x

  7. flawless, such a pretty shade of purple :)


  8. that dress is so stunning and the colour is beautiful and suits you so well!
    t h e l o v e l y s h a d e s of p e p p e r

  9. Babe this is Such a Lovely Outfit, I Love the head Band!
    Love You blog, I would Love to follow each other.

    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog at
    Claudia xxx


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