2013: introducing me to the Future and Beyond

Friday, January 4, 2013
Asos Back to The Future Jumper Riders by Lee
Asos Back to The Future Jumper Riders by Lee

Asos Back to The Future Jumper Riders by Lee

Wearing: Asos Back to The Future Jumper; Riders by Lee Denim shorts thanks to Riders by Lee

I'm the type of girl that made a big deal about the New Years. Thinking, where I was for the midnight strike was important because it was an indication of how I was to spend the rest of the year. And it was a very nerve-racking event for me, as I thought that that particular moment was too important to screw up.
But this year, I had a quiet one. Doomed to work on New Years Day starting at 4am I prepared myself to watch the boy clean glasses while the clock ticked over. He works at a bar (and a very dirty seedy elderly bar might I add) and it was humbling to just accept a brief kiss on the lips at midnight to then watch him trot to the bar to clean up more spilled cups.
Then, the next few days for me were really eventful - holding an epic BBQ party for my friends; watching The Hobbit, purchasing new books, attending the Mariah Carey concert and visiting friends and family.  So I've now realised that my old traditional thoughts aren't valid - I spent my New Years midnight point staring at my boy while he cleans cups, and yet I've had, so far, a very fulfilling and lovely 2013.


  1. Happy new year to you, Natalie! I wish you immense success and great fortune for 2013. This is a very cool outfit for you here. The shorts are cool, and I also like that shade of lipstick of yours.


  2. i NEED that sweater.....love this outfit!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. That's just too cool. I love than sweater, would wear it in a sec :)!


  4. ha I love that sweater. my boy's favourite movie is back to the future so he'll definitely approve! x

  5. Love the shorts, super cute :) Happy New Year!

  6. Hey dear!
    I wish you a happy and fashionable New Year ;)
    And by the way...this sweater is absolutely stunning!

    Daria from www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  7. Love your outfit ;)


  8. What a lovely post; I used to be exactly the same on New Years. I think it's a state of mind that Hallmark invented, where you're just waiting for that 'magical' moment when the clock strikes 12. I much prefer the days that come after it!
    Happy New Year, darling x

  9. I think waaay too much thought and emotion is invested in new year's eve. We get excited about a stupid night, which has no affect on our life as a whole, and when it's not PERFECT we think of it as doom! Glad to see you're living your life and not paying attention to pointless pettiness ^_^

  10. Awesome look! Happy New Year Natalie!!!


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