A New Hair Chapter: Chocolate Brown blunt hair with Bangs

Friday, May 17, 2013
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe Asian
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe 2013
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe
Chocolate Brown Hair Blunt Haircut Bangs Fringe

Introducing: My new Chocolate Brown blunt hair with Bangs (coloured by Illusions Hairdressers, Wetherill Park)
Wearing: Maiden Love Shorts (thanks to Maiden Love); Coussinet Spire Necklace (thanks to Coussinet); H&M Parker; Cali & Cale Wedges (c/o Undergroup Showroom)

Although I've already got a couple of photos up of my new Chocolate Brown hair (note the very blunt cut) on the blog, I realised I haven't introduced it formally to my readers.
After a year and a half of Balayage hair, I decided, after a few months of no maintenance and touch ups that my blonde hair was starting to look ratty. Split ends started to appear half way down my hair, my ends were dry, my blonde hair was untoned. And to be honest - my hair can sometimes reflect my life and where it was going at that moment; I didn't maintain my life so I didn't maintain my hair.
And I've had some drastic changes to my life - people coming and going; my friend getting married, my reflection of my hopes of getting married surfaced, my heart being put down on the chopping board to be exposed etc etc has led me to just start a new Hair Chapter in my life. Sounds so corny but its true.
And girls always need new Hair Chapters to represent a new direction or fresh start. So I went down to Illusions and dyed my balayage to a rich Chocolate Brown (I stressed no reds or warm browns, I wanted a 'cooler' brown), widened my bangs/fringe and cut about 7CM off my length to get a blunt look at the ends.
Some people say I look younger, some people say I look more mature. I did it to refresh myself and my life. My girlfriends know how I feel - my close friend dyed her hair to mark her moving away to Korea and starting hew new job. My other friend always changes his hair for job interviews. I have another one who cut off most of her hair when she and her boyfriend broke up. So this is definitely not an unfamiliar concept for girls and boys.

So on all these notes, I want to stress that although I have been sad and painfully honest and looking suicidal in my last posts... that in truth, I am much happier now. So much happier. I found that expressing my sadness through my blogposts, ironically, made me not want to cry in real life. I haven't cried. I felt weird because I usually spend my nights doing just that.
My close friend (bless her) has tried to let me to cry, has encouraged it, has endorsed it; but my body just doesn't want to. Maybe it's a sign that I'm stronger than I think and that maybe I've just matured. Or maybe I just be crazy and have been bottling it up and soon  explode one day. But we shall see what happens in the month of May. It isn't over yet....


  1. throughly enjoyed reading this honest post - so true, our hair, whether we like it or not IS a reflection of our how our day / week is going or feelings ... it's ahhmazing what a change in hair cut or colour can do for our frame of mind. hope things looks brighter very soon xx

  2. I love the new hair and I really like the blue shoes with the romper! You look so good in the blue shoes! xx Pip


  3. Beautiful hair Natalie! :)

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  4. A change in life and attitude always means changing the hair. I'm very happy for you! Everybody has their inner struggles and you handle them like a sport :P

    And of course, the new color is lovely!

  5. you have beautiful hair style !

  6. Nice blog. Follow you!

    Please follow me :))


  7. love your new hair cut. a cool chocolate brown is definitely way to go. sweet outfit too <3

  8. New hair looks great hun! I totally understand about the changing hair for a fresh start/change in your life good on you xx


  9. Loving the look here, your hair looks amazing :) ♥ xo

  10. This Style is really awesome! You look gorgeous in it!!! Lots of Love, Kyra
    Check out my new hot 80ies dress!

  11. In fact, blog is a good place to channel your emotions. Great to know that you are thinking rationally and it's always good to be stronger and get wiser =)
    I like you with bangs. Keep it =)

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