A Glimpse into my Life: My Bedroom Details

Friday, August 2, 2013
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I now just love, love, love staying at home in my room. Just last week I stayed at home every day (six days to be exact), only leaving the house twice to meet up for coffee. It was absolute 'Good Girl' heaven.
Normally I venture out into the cold night to meet friends and party hard, but now I realise the potential of a warm well decorated room.
All I did was watch bad TV, blog from home, browse cook books, drink tea, listen to music, bake at home, play my 3DS and read chapters and chapters of books. It was an absolute delight to heat up my hot water bottle and hug it like it was my baby. Hmm, warm winter nights.

I find I'm a collector, so my room is filled with photos, books, DVDs, makeup and jewellery and I display them so openly. I decided to share my room, my decor, pleasures and comforts to my readers so you can get a glimpse on the sort of person I am (and only the special people in my life get to see my room).
When I first moved here 6 months ago, I tried really hard to leave my old habits, and store everything away for a more neater 'minimalist' look. But as the months rolled on, I eventually started having everything on display, because I found I needed to constantly be reminded of my good life: the good people, the great arts, and the sweetest memories.


  1. I love this!
    Your room is so lovely and interesting.
    I have such a fascination with people's rooms - that sounds so weird, doesn't it? But I love the little knick knacks people keep and all the stories a bedroom tells - photos, perfumes, jewels etc etc

  2. I love staying at home too, haha :) and I love this post! it's always fun to get a glimpse into someone's home!

  3. You've got a beautiful room!

    Daria from www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  4. cool pictures!
    We love it! <3


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