Dresses with Vans thanks to Pemba Boutique

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Dresses with Vans Back Bow Dress Pemba Boutique
Dresses with Vans Back Bow Dress Pemba Boutique
Dresses with Vans Back Bow Dress Pemba Boutique
Dresses with Vans Back Bow Dress Pemba Boutique
Dresses with Vans Back Bow Dress Pemba Boutique

Wearing: Lila Back Bow Dress in Turquoise thanks to Pemba Boutique;  Vans Authentic Lo-Pro in White; Kushla Wrap Bracelet thanks to Kushla

Always in heart-recovery mode, I decided to put myself in over-exercise mode. With the gym available to me 24/7 and just down the road, I head down to work out almost every day. Its a good distraction and I get to hang out with the 'Bros' that don't judge. Even though I am newly single and I am sometimes hurting, my need for independence and my struggle to stay on my course to happiness happens to be stronger. So, I realised Gym makes me happy, so I will keep that up rather than sit around and cry. Though there are days I feel buckets of guilt. It comes about when I realise my strength and the ease I feel at choosing to be alone. A very confusing feeling.
I've accepted that I will have easy days and hard days as I go through this. The guilt comes at full force when I find I'm asking myself 'When is the period of mourning supposed to be over? Is it over yet? WHEN?'

Wow, writing that down felt too raw. I actually don't want to find the answer to those questions, I should just let it be. I'll just dive head first into gym and my blog work for now.

I am still in love with the concept of Vans with Dresses and here is another perfect example of my obsession. Wearing a summer blue dress even in the midst of the rain I manage to salvage my feet with in closed sneakers. Maybe I'm just in denial of the weather or just living life on the edge, oooo.  Whatever it is, I thank Pemba Boutique for providing me with that perfect summers dress to dance in the rain on those rare 'easy' days.



  1. Loving all the life in this look/these photos!

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  2. such a lovely dress and cute umbrella! <3


  3. Hey,
    Going through heartbreak is one of the hardest things you can go through. I know how you feel and reading your post made me remember the old feelings I had when I broke up with someone. I did the same and started running football ovals - I got really fit and over it all eventually. It took a really long time, but I changed a lot and learnt a lot too. It's hard but, you seem like a strong person and you'll be okay.
    I hope you start feeling better soon.
    Time heals all wounds.

  4. Stay strong and keep survive dear :)

  5. I think that there is nothing wrong with loving your own company and being by yourself. If this is your choice, make the best of it, guilt is useless any way. :-)


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