My Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014: #1 Royal Aquamarine's Kelly Sunglasses in Fairy Floss; #2 Fresh Flower's Gifts, Flowers and Bouquets; #3 Emu Australia; #4 Katerina Nis Lingerie and Sleepwear;  #5 Code Love Jewellery; #6 Moi Self's Helpful Hankies; #7 Style Tread Shoes special Valentine's Day Promotion

Here is my Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2014. All you lucky gals out there who have boyfriends right now can definitely look forward to some wonderful gifts. I on the other hand will gracefully gym that day (leg day) and wear my red dress from Persun into work as I work that night and most likely eat pork roll with all my friends after shift.

As always, I am a sucker for the colour pink so I have, of course, searched far and wide to collect as many pink items for Valentine's Day. Firstly, I am super excited to announce that Royal Aquamarine will be releasing their second season of Sunglasses to the world. And of course, these fairyfloss pink Kelly sunglasses caught my eye. Perfect amount of chic, pick and elegance and these would be released soon in March but can pre-order now.
The second item is of course, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Fresh Flowers. Fresh Flowers are an Australian online florist that can deliver straight to your door. A girl's heart will instantly melt once they see these roses show up at their doorstep.
Third, even though I am displaying the children's warm boots (they are tooo cute!) Emu Australia have some snuggly shoes and apparel for the upcoming winter this year. Absolutely beautifully crafted, coming in classic boot styles and cute animals designs like zebras, lions and ladybugs.
Forth, Katerina Nis is a Sydney based Lingerie and Sleepwear designer with some really cute pieces for the bedroom. The items are soft to the touch and comes in pinks and reds, perfect to enhance the femininity of a woman.
Coming in at fifth, Code Love is a jewellery line based on the design of Morse Code, incorporating original codes into the design, mixing it in with leather and gold plated pieces. My favorite is the bracelet pictured in the guide as it spells the word LOVE.
Sixth, Moi Self has created a really quirky way to celebrate Valentine's, or an 'anti-Valentine's' (aka me myself and I this year) and this gift is perfect your your gal best friend or that single friend this year. Each hanky displays a cute message on each which sends a positive message on Valentine's.
And last but not least, Style Tread has come up with a wonderful promotion this year for this day. From the 13th to the 15th February, there are special discounts for items that display a little heart in the corner. When you place these ticket items into cart, you get to find out what special discount you get off the item. It's a nice little surprise for us gals on Valentine's.

Well there's my gift guide for 2014. I myself don't expect a present this year, but I know hundreds of girls out there will, and I'll definitely try my best not to envy them at all (!!).

Happy Valentine's!


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