Love: St Frock's Arctic Furry Jacket

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
St Frock Arctic Furry Jacket Lipstik Pronto Shoes Heels
St Frock Arctic Furry Jacket LOVE Black Strapless Jumpsuit
St Frock Arctic Furry Jacket LOVE Black Strapless Jumpsuit
St Frock Arctic Furry Jacket Limecrime Suedeberry Velvetines
St Frock Arctic Furry Jacket Limecrime Suedeberry Velvetines

Wearing: St Frock's Arctic Furry Jacket via St Frock; LOVE Black Strapless Jumpsuit thanks to LOVE; Upbeat Jewellery's 'Star Cymbal' Necklace thanks to Uncommon Goods; Lipstik's Pronto Heels; Limecrime's Suedeberry Velveteen Lipstick

As May starts to creep up on us, I get more and more excited about my birthday coming up. I will be turning 27 on May 12th in exactly two weeks. 27! I am going past my mid-twenties and into my late twenties. Wow.
I will be celebrating my birthday in solo fashion for the first time in about 7 years (having had joint birthday parties for all this time). And this occasion marks me celebrating as a single gal for the first time in 4 years too. Usually going for big themed parties and drink ups, I've decided to keep it low key and only invite my closest friends and family.
For my four day weekend, I'm planning to have a quiet birthday dinner with my friends, then the next day I hope to watch The Lion King (the musical) at Capitol Theatre then on the third day I will head out to a Jeep Car meet at Stockholm Beach with my closest work friends. After all this my real birthday will be on the forth day and I will carpool with my close friends as I will have a shift that night (and I really don't mind).

I'm daunted yet excited about my solo birthday this year. A year ago I was a different person and I felt like I've changed more in the past year than in all my life. I've improved some friendships and I've lost some friendships/ I've had alot of emotional clarity bought upon me and I find that I'm much stronger than I think, and that's something new I've discovered.
However this is just me in a nut-shell, give or take: I also found out I'm a home-body and I love to read books, play my Nintendo and watch my movies and TV series, snuggled up in bed. I found out I have a gamers streak (currently obsessed with playing Ingress and I have Ingress gamers dreams), I love white rice, Japanese curry, coffee and hot chips, and I'm a music know-it-all. I live and breathe my phone, it stresses me out when my phone battery  goes below 50% (wow). I sometimes think I have a better personality via text rather then in real life. I really love baking. I still love my lipsticks. I always cry at Animal rescue news reports and I will never be able to watch Horror films. I wikipedia everything and am a Google nerd. I make lame jokes and I mumble alot because I still think I have a better personality via text. My dream superpower is still Flight (hate flying in aeroplanes) and my favourite things to do are to eat cold white rice with dry beef when I come home late at night, holding hands, forehead kisses and doing the running man dance/happy clam clap when I'm happy. My friends mean the world to me and I would happily sacrifice time to care for them as much as I can.

These things remain consistent, and I was worried a few years ago that I can never appreciate the type of person I am and that I should 'change' myself for the better. Yes, I could improve my emotional strength and stand up for myself more and blah blah. But its sometimes just so satisfying to know my likes and dislikes so well; be comforted by my sense of self and be proud of what I've accomplished in my short life-span.

Happy 27th Birthday to me!
And as for my outfit, I'm wearing a beautiful strapless jumpsuit from LOVE and a stunner of a coat from St Frock. These clothes scream me: a bold lipstick, a new hair-do, a strapless top, killer heels and an unique faux fur coat. And I have a special necklace from Uncommon Goods that has a pendent made out of old musical instruments that represents my love for music. It's also nice to understand your sense of style with confidence as you get older and learning not to give a crap what people think. All in all, I think I'm going to have a wonderful 27th birthday proudly being me, rather then trying to be someone else.


  1. i love your fur coat and romper...awesome look

  2. Adore this diva look on you! Catch up some time?

    X, Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  3. Ahhh the coat is fab! I've kept up with your blog for awhile now, since I found you on IG (I'm @theupsideoforange there). Now that I'm on Blogger, I can actually comment. Love the cuffs to top the outfit off. Hope you have a great birthday my dear! Thanks for the outfit/life inspo. :)

  4. love the black edges on this coat, looks awesome with the romper!

    bon x
    bowie bowie


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  6. Loving it! The fur ALMOST makes me wish it was cold again!


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