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Monday, October 22, 2018
Level Up Dice 35mm
Level Up Dice 35mm
Level Up Dice 35mm
Level Up Dice 35mm

35mm D20 Level Up Dice from Level Up Dice
Photos taken by myself and Hai with our Canon D70 DSLR

Hai was gifted this beautiful 35mm D20 from Level Up Dice after revealing our wedding stories for the #MyDiceStory competition. Just before we walked down the aisle Hai and I gifted each other a set of Level Up Dice (7 piece of course), surprising us both for our similar ideas. Mine were a beautiful wood set whilst Hai's were a semi precious stone set. To accommodate Hai's present I also bought a Wyrmwood Dice Box, and Hai had painted my very own Silverdawn miniature complete with his interpenetration of a Water Whip spell.
We've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for more then a year now. I have played a Halfling monk and now Aasimar Mystic; and Hai a Tiefling Rouge moving onto our Dungeon master. We love it so much, often playing once a week and once in a while we do a 3 day bender - Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. The Mondays following are always hard when we finally have to face reality.
We are also huge fans of Critical Role so we were excited to find out that the Critical Role cast were most likely "in the presence of this D20 dice" when they were at GenCon 2018, as this exact dice was displayed there. I practically squealed at this piece of information.
I'm actually listening to both campaigns at once. I listen to Vox Machina via podcast to and from work, and I'm up to episode 43; and I am up to date with Mighty Nien at episode 38. And I have watched most of the one shot episodes as well!

Anyways. That's a small glimpse into the life me and Hai have these days. Hai now possesses the dice and he uses it to roll behind his DM Screen. Deep down as players we hope it does more critical fails rather then critical hits. But we are always grateful for this amazing gift (we have learnt that critical fails are always great for laughs). Thank you Level Up Dice for this amazing (and hopefully Talisan blessed) dice... we hope to create many more memories with our D&D family.


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  8. Loved your story. This is the first time I hear about a level up dice.


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  11. You guys are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing about the dice xx


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