A Fashion Event: StyleRocks' First Birthday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012
StyleRocks Leather Pearl Freshwater Necklace DIY
StyleRocks Jewel Rings Pink Custom DIY Ring
StyleRocks Pearl Custom DIY Flower Ring
StyleRocks Jewel Custom DIY Drop Earrings
StyleRocks Jewel Custom DIY Drop Earrings
StyleRocks Leather Pearl Freshwater Bracelet DIY
StyleRocks Logo Sign

A Fashion Event: Introducing StyleRocks and their 1st Birthday!

If you've ever been wondering where it is you can custom make/design your own jewellery online and have it sent to you all from the comfort of your own home.. then StyleRocks is where you should be. 
Attending a press showing held by Pascale Helyar-Moray (Founder and Creator of StyleRocks) I was introduced to the website and their new updates: Pearl Jewellery additions and Gift Certificate options.  I was impressed by the 3 trillion possible combinations of jewellery designs and the scale of DIY customisation. My favourite was the leather and pearl combination and knowing I can custom make it (from choosing the metal, colour, plating and adding stones or charms) my mind has been blown. And with such an affordable price with most items priced from $100-$500, I know exactly what I'll be getting my friends for Christmas.


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