Pose launches redesigned look and win a $1000 shopping Spree by saving my Pose!

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Pose Application Website Lucyrunaways 
Pose Application Website Lucyrunaways

Pose Application Website Lucyrunaways

A Sneak Peak: Pose's new redesigned look for iPhone, iPad and the web. launching December 13th 2012

I've been on the Pose website and iPhone application for almost a year now, sharing my blog looks and favourite fashion looks instantly through my mobile phone. It's like a lovely micro blog for my looks and it's easy to flick through to discover and 'love' poses all around the world.

One the 13th of December, Pose is launching a completely redesigned iPhone app & website. Users can now:

  • SAVE anyone's poses to collections on iPhone
  • DOUBLE TAP to love
  • Visit anyone's blog or other websites via your share message as links are now CLICKABLE
  • LOVE and SHARE anyone's collections from any Pose platform
  • Watch anyone's VIDEO poses or SHOP their poses directly the 'video' and 'shop' feeds
  • See poses from only people that they follow in their STREAM
And as part of an exclusive competition for the followers of my Pose account (@lucyrunaways), Pose is collaborating to give my Pose followers a $1000 shopping spree!!
I will be adding a new pose to my collection and I will tag it with #Savetowin. Save my Pose to one your collections and you will have a chance to win! It's so easy! The competition will end early 2013 so get in now to win a $1000 shopping spree thanks to POSE!


  1. I've had an account on Pose for a while now, but I always forget to use it! I need to remedy that situation!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Thank goodness for that double tap feature! I'm so happy to have the changes - I'm only new to Pose but I love it!


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