A Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 3)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 3). You can also view Part 1 and Part 2 of the Series. 

Well over the course of a few months, I finally finished my 'And That's who I Am' series. I found these images that related to me a few months ago - when I was a little sadder and lost.. and searching for meaning in my life.
Looking at these images now most of these don't resonate with me as much but at the same time it makes me appreciate what I have and the life I live now. And it makes me determined to never go back to that old, tired and insecure person.

The only one thing I still do or feel is "I find solace in music", knowing that music is such a influential part of my life. I can sit back and just chill to my tunes (right now its alot of Dirty Pop: Miley, Rihanna and Lorde) and dance like I'm as cool as these musicians.. but really I look quite dorky. Or I can listen to my favourite artist right now, The Weeknd, and find solace in his haunting tunes, falsetto voice and honest, fearless and unapologetic lyrics.


  1. Wow, love this blog post! It's really inspiring. I missed the last two blog post with the same theme, but now I read them as well :) I will definitely make my own blog posts with this theme, this was so encouraging! I hope you're feeling better now <3

    E from Helsinki

  2. Hey Natalie, I'm sure things in life happened for a reason. Stay strong and embrace these challenges in life. Let time heal you and it will. I'm sure everything will be ok in due time when you find answers to your questions. Once you go through this phase, you will understand yourself better and you will be stronger. You will and I'm sure of that =) Have faith in yourself.

  3. I really like that you did your own! That is so cool. And I think making lists really gives you time to think about who you really are and who you wanna be :) I like these. I find solace in music too <3


  4. Heart this post. Love reading these kinds of quotes.

    Anna Czarina


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