Shipwrecks and Floating Forests at Homebush Bay

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wearing: Chicnova's Loose Round Neck T-shirt with Tiger Print thanks to Chicnova; Riders by Lee denim shorts thanks to Riders by Lee; Shubar 'Rattle' Boots; Sportsgirl Rings; Monkey Backpack from the Markets

One hot muggy day, Hughie and I decided to visit Homebush Bay in search for a mysterious 'Floating Forest'. This Forest had somehow found its way on an abandoned ship (formally known as the SS Ayrfeld) still floating on water. It's hard to find, as there are no real directions on the maps around Olympic Park, nor can you search it on Google Maps.

So we decided to hire a tandem bike and with a flimsy map we rode to a point called 'Shipwreck Look out Point'. On the way we found remains of wood ship wrecks, getting more excited as we kept riding. When we finally got to the look out point, it actually was disappointing. We saw the back of the ship so far away it was a speck, with a tired and useless telescope that was supposed to provide the 'view'. But we saw on the other side of the ship was a possible viewing platform and it was not marked on the map.....

Hughie and I took a chance, and rode our bike to an estimated location - over bridges, and crossing busy roads, we ended up behind a hotel and in front of their swimming pool. And before we knew it we were in front of the beautiful Ship Wreck with a trees and shrubs growing on it - The Floating Forest.

The SS Ayrfeld is 102 years old, and once served as steam collier turned transporter during WWII. In 1972 the ship was towed into the bay to be dismantled and most parts sold for scrap. It was then just left there, abandoned. Yet amazing things happened. Trees and vegetation sprouted over the past decades and produced the 'Floating Forest'. Nature worked its magic and now we have a beautiful example of nature's resilience and power. Such a lovely wonder of the world I believe everyone should get a chance to see one day... I certainly feel so very lucky to take a day out of my busy life just to find it.


  1. Une publication pleine d'intérêt et je découvre cette île flottante particulière.
    Très jolies photos.

    Gros bisous

  2. That's so cute! Sounds fun. I love the shorts & boots combo :)

    x Stace

  3. Beautiful pictures...Your bag is soooo cute! I loved it.

  4. great summery look! love your top!

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