In January: Start Dreaming of A Better Life

Saturday, January 25, 2014
In Love With Fashion Ivory Yolk Lace Swing Dress Melissa Trippy II Hearts Shoes
In Love With Fashion Ivory Yolk Lace Swing Dress
Modish Mae Rose Gold Link Chain Bracelet and Bangle Jewellery
Melissa Australia Trippy II Hearts Shoes
In Love With Fashion Ivory Yolk Lace Swing Dress
In Love With Fashion Ivory Yolk Lace Swing Dress

Wearing: In Love With Fashion Ivory Yolk Lace Swing Dress thanks to In Love With Fashion; Melissa's Trippy II (Hearts) shoes thanks to Melissa Shoes; Shartruese White Bubble Necklace thanks to Shartruese; Modish Mae Rose Gold Chain Link Bracelet and Crystal Encrusted Bangle thanks to Modish Mae

 Always going out of my way to be there for friends and friends and generally, work acquaintances (both at The Star and for PR companies), I've taken a back seat into taking care of my needs and making decisions for myself. Earlier this year I wrote about my new year resolutions - those that include not dedicating too much time on Whatsapp and being fully concious of my time.  Those goals have been on track. Trying to make 2014 my year, the main, main thing I want to concentrate on this week is standing by my decisions once I make them.

 I recently had to make two decisions that were very heart breaking to me but in the end were right. I'm talking about breaking up with people. I normally am the one to have my heart broken but this time I found myself strong enough to recognise what was wrong and decided that either I deserved better or that it just wasn't working out anymore.

Making that choice also means gambling the risk of feeling utterly alone during the night when everyone sleeps or is out about on the town. I've cycled through my DVDs and books and games now and I feel a rut coming along. I nap when I'm bored and I know now that is not the fabulous 2014 year I was hoping for. What happens when you're a strong, mature independent woman but you're stuck at home? I am fully concious time of my time but even girls like me feel the need to let someone else take control or make you feel giddy and girly inside.

Yet, I stand by own decision to be single, so I'm hoping to transfer all those bored feelings to the dedication of learning how to skate board. It's been a dream of mine especially since I roller bladed and ice skated when I was younger. Although there is a major risk of me planting my face to the concrete I need something in my life to feel liberated again and that I've made good choices so far for 2014. Need to start dreaming of the better life.


  1. Decisions are always tricky and sometimes only time can tell us whether they were right. However, the mere fact that you're making decisions for yourself and taking your life into your hands is fantastic. I hope 2014 turns out to be a fabulous year for you!

    The outfit is so beautiful! I really like how it looks on you:)


  2. Beautiful details on the dress.

  3. Hi Natalie,
    i recently (only today actually) applied for a buyers assistant job at MHN trading, where i believe you used to work. Whilst researching the company, your profile came up which in turn led me here.

    Im sorry to hear of your recent break up however i applaud your courage. Most people don't have to strength to achknowlecge when a relationship no longer encourarges love and growth, not realising that no one will truly get what they deserve if they remain attatched to what their supposed to let go of.

    of course, whilst i couldnt imagine how your feeling post breakup, atleast the road to recovery and love of self worth and appreciation is in full swing. Wishing you all the best for 2014, i will continue to follow your blog and look forward to what comes next x

  4. You are so beautiful :) I love your dress very much !


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