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Friday, January 17, 2014
Cynthier & Shartruese Jewellery
Cynthier Jewellery When Doves Cry Stack Rings
Cynthier Jewellery When Doves Cry Stack Rings
Cynthier Jewellery Horoscope Earrings
Cynthier Jewellery Horoscope Earrings

Wearing: Cynthier Jewellery's When Doves Cry Stack Rings, Oracle Friendship Bracelet (May colour); Horoscope Earrings (March colour) thanks to Cynthier Jewellery; Shartruese White Bubble Necklace thanks to Shartruese Jewellery

There are always pretty things to look at in this world. Sometimes its at the first sun-rays peeking out through the clouds at sunrise, the smile of someone you know who is absolutely smitten, a peaceful starry night, a breeze kicking up some leaves in a field, or the look of a loved one sleeping peacefully.
In this case, I found it very pretty staring at the beautiful pieces of jewellery I received from Cynthier and Shartruese last month. Cynthier makes delicate jewellery from stunning gemstones, metal and leather. They also specialise in horoscope and birthday themed pieces in which I'm wearing now (turquoise for May, my birthday month).
Australian fashion line Shartruese offers beautiful jewellery and I wear their new Bubble necklace from their Nautical Range - reminding me of pretty sights from the beach, sand between my toes and gentle waves.
With the new year kicking in, I want to keep surrounding myself with pretty jewellery, good friends, great loves, good food and family. And keep growing out my bangs. Thanking Cynthier and Shartruese for proving a great stepping stone.


  1. beautiful rings and I adore your hair color!

  2. I just love how you mix and match different styles of jewelry without looking overdone. You have such great style and such a great blog.

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