Introducing Alphatise: A new online Marketplace

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing: Alphatise, a new online market place. Bought to you by Nuffnang

I consider myself quite a resourceful and educated shopper. I shop in stores, boutiques, online – namely Etsy, eBay, iTunes and directly through company websites. I take the time to find the best bargains and compare prices. I also bought things influenced by my peers – friend and family purchases, bloggers I admire and even what comes through to me on my Facebook feed. It’s a huge marketplace out there and sometimes it can be confusing and cluttered.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was introduced to something amazing this week: Alphatise. It’s a new online market place that offers something quite unique – Alphatise gives buyers the power to tell sellers what they want and the price they are prepared to pay.
Being introduced via a free iOS and Android app, or accessed via any browser on the 5th August 2014, Alphatise allows consumers to request a product they want to buy and state the price they are prepared to pay for it. Consumers simply submit ‘wishes’ for these products and if the seller agrees, then the deal is offered and the sale is completed. It’s a smarter and powerful way to shop.
To increase consumer influence and power, buyers can also share their wish through social networks, so others can join on in the same deal. This makes the wish higher in demand. For example, if an individual wants to purchase a Samsung TV for $800 and 20 people also want the same deal, the seller can arrange that deal for everyone or a selected number.
The seller is also at an advantage, knowing that they have customers ready to purchase a product at that moment in time. With millions of products to choose from, sellers can be individuals, small companies, resellers, distributors or high street retailers. The products are from a huge range of fashion, technology, food and household goods. Eventually Alphatise will expand that range to cars, furniture and even holidays.
To get started, consumers download the free app via the iTunes or Play Store, or access Alphatise through the browser. Simply create an account using your email or sign in via Facebook or Twitter.
By logging in, you can head into the ‘Discover’ tab and browse a range of popular stores or products. Build a ‘wishlist’ by setting up a percentage discount or price point you want to purchase items with. Then you simply sit back and wait for sellers to act on the deal you’ve wished for. A notification is sent to your phone and you simply redeem online or in store. It’s that easy! It’s quite a seamless and simpler way to shop online.

Alphatise have really tapped into consumer trends and what they really want and what they strive for. After more than 2 years in the making and attracting $3 million of funding, this Australian social commerce start up Alphatise is ready to release their innovative online marketplace.

I’m on board, ready to shop seamlessly where I have power and influence at my fingertips – you should be too. Get on board by visiting Alphatise or download the app via the iTunes or Play Store and creating an account today!

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  1. This is sweet~ I'd love to just make offers and get discounts!! Woohoo :D X

    Chic Nikkie


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