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Friday, August 29, 2014
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Sportsgirl Velvet Blazer
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels
Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace Etsy
Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels
PopCherry Sakura Geisha Navy Playsuit Lipstik Heels

Wearing: Popcherry's Sakura Geisha Playsuit in Navy (similar here) thanks to Popcherry; Lipstik Pronto Black Heels; Sportsgirl Velvet Blazer in Navy; Color Me Missy Infinity Necklace in Rose Gold thanks to Color Me Missy

It is now August, and it seems as time has really flown this year. Mainly because 2014 has been a year of great change for me - some bad, some good. I know in my heart I don't like change but I guess that's just life.
Despite a falling out I had with a friend in February that is still effecting my life in many ways, I've been trying really hard to focus on the positive around me.
Firstly, I finally bought myself a car. It's an amazing feeling to own one, knowing I have the freedom to drive where I want and not have a curfew. It's also been exciting (and quite scary) to learn manual (and yes I chose to a manual car!) but in the end I know its worth it.
Secondly, I have now a clear vision of what I want my life to be. I am conscious of my money these days, finally realising that I can contribute my funds to something useful (like my car or holidays). I have been really silly with my money and have been making excuses to not venture out and do anything big.
Thirdly, I've got an amazing man in my life that has made me so happy. He is caring and kind, and a little funny, maybe what you would call 'handsome'. He encourages me to do all these new things, to challenge myself and to see who I am in a different light - despite all my stubbornness because I don't like change. He sometimes watches me fight back and hear me say harsh words because I can't see the things he can see in me and I get frustrated because I don't believe in myself. Yet, he has stuck around so far. And I am grateful and sometimes I feel foolish at my behaviour.
But he is definitely the best thing to have ever happened to me.
And last but not least, I still love my fashion. I acquired this beautiful Sakura Geisha Playsuit from Popcherry. Paired with my Sportsgirl velvet blazer and Lipstik heels it makes it one my favourite outfits this year. I love the floral print against the navy background. 

With these changes, mostly positive, I hope to live out the rest of 2014 well. It also helps that I will be going snowboarding this weekend with my best friend and new man! So excited. Time to swap the heels for snowboarding boots and hope I come back in one piece.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that so many positive things are happening in your life<3 and it shows look fantastic!

    p.s. I also find driving with a manual control hard (even if all cars are like that where I'm from) but perhaps it is just that I find driving in general a bit hard...I'm always afraid I'll mess up something.

  2. Good to see you back. :) I always enjoy your postings. Love the romper, you wear it well. Side note, I've had a bit of a difficult summer as well, filled with a lot of ups and downs. I think it's only in these challenging moments that we're actually able to step back and reanalyze things, to find the momentum again, and to realize our capabilities. Wish you the best in your new ventures. :)


  3. how much i love this outfit!!!
    so adorable!

  4. so cute!! i still need to find a jumpsuit like this. classy!


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