Luna, my Amazing Dog

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Luna - RIP 2005 - 2016

On the 15th of December, 2016, my dog Luna passed away.
She died from either cancer in the lung, or of pneumonia which was caused by a bone being lodged into her throat.
Luna was 11 years old, so she lived a long happy life. I know we as a family worked hard to give her just that. My mom always gave her the bigger bowl of food, I always rubbed her stomach, I washed her and we took her for walks.

She wasn't always a white furred dog. I bought her as a black furred puppy. When she turned 1 years old I decided to cut her hair as it was growing long. Under that black fur was white and grey hair and it never went black again. I couldn't explain it but it was always a fascinating fact I told people when they first met Luna.

Her personality was extremely chilled and friendly. She rarely barked at people only at little kids when they ran past (the little shits). As she grew older she liked to pant alot while she rolled around on the cool tiled floor. She lived with our other two dogs and acted liked the mom that just wanted to be left alone. She was cool like that, always growling when the two younger dogs try and get her attention.

When she passed away, she was at the vet whilst we were sleeping. She was supposed to get surgery and stay there overnight, with us picking her up the next morning. It was heartbreaking to find out she had passed away instead.
 I wish that I got to hug her one last time, I wish I could've stroked her and held her in those last moments, I wish she was not alone probably wondering where we were.
The last thing I did for her before she went to the vet was tuck her into her dog bed, and tried to give her some water. I said goodnight and that was it.

Goodnight my Luna, I hope you're in Doggy Heaven and that you get all the stomach rubs you have ever wanted. You were wonderful and touched alot of lives here with your presence.
Thank you for those who gave their condolences and understood that Luna, was an integral part of the family.
I will never forget you.


  1. awwwww, I'm sorry for your loss. She looks like she was a very happy dog. My condolences.



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